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Roll On and Roll Off vessels have great impetus on promoting regional connectivity and nurture the domestic market ecosystem. Everprime have significant presence in Kochi and Mumbai where RORO vessels cater to empowering the consumers and thereby creating a robust ecosystem for economic growth and promote local transport saving time. The safety is ensured by the ramps which can endure great amount of weight with ease.
Roll On Roll Off vessels reduce the dependence on crane and help in speedy transfer of break bulk goods. For instance, automobile products like cars have a great demand in global and Indian market in the wake of a global pandemic making consumers to focus on owning individual vehicles over public transport . Hence Everprime would love to collaborate with automobile industry stakeholders resulting in a long-lasting sustainable business relationship build in the foundation of quality service and trust. Heavy cargo products can be transferred with ease using RORO vessels. Everprime is committed on helping consumers who are looking for an effective solution in transferring heavy goods with saving time and smartly transporting them to the destination.
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Cascadia Evolution

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