Special handling cargo

The Spiderman series have the Peter Parker Principle ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. This message is deeply relevant to the commitment we follow at Everprime especially on handing special cargo.
Special cargo handling is our priority area of focus. This includes our expertise in securing temperature controlled sensitive products such as movement of pharmaceutical products, live animals, dangerous goods and perishables. We have temperature-controlled systems in place regulating heat and enabling the smooth transportation of sensitive goods and services like pharmaceutical materials which have absolute necessity in this Covidian times. The inclusion of COVID-19 protocols transformed the methodology of dealing with special handling cargo products making us adaptable to the unprecedented change in global business ecosystem.
More than a business this part of our intervention is having a moral obligation to the larger good of humankind. Hence, we aspire to impact the society with deep sense of responsibility towards our valuable stakeholders in across India and the globe.


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